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A photo of Andrew reading up on German history. (47kB)

The man behind the name “rewboss” is me, Andrew Bossom; and I make YouTube videos about the culture, history, people and sometimes language of Germany.

Born in Glastonbury, UK, I moved to Germany in 1993 and have been living there ever since. Currently, I’m living in a small village in the top left-hand corner of Bavaria, within commuting distance of Frankfurt.

On a mission to document the country from the perspective of an outsider, with all its beauty and quirks, I make videos ranging from humorous vlogs to dead-serious travel documentaries.

Help me on my mission

Making these videos takes time and costs money. If you enjoy them and want them to continue, you can help by supporting me on Patreon. Find out more here, or go straight to my Patreon page and make a pledge.

More rewboss

As well as my YouTube channel, you can also follow me on Twitter for the latest news, keep an eye on my blog for the occasional piece of extra background information or thoughts on other subjects, or watch my Facebook page for anything that won’t go anywhere else.

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