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Looking for sponsors

Making decent videos is a costly affair, and with the increasingly widespread use of ad-blockers, YouTube ads don’t always deliver the best results; and so I’m always interested in possible sponsorship deals. If you have a product or service that might be a good fit for my YouTube channel, please send me an e-mail at

What I’m looking for

Ideally, for to me to want to endorse or advertise something, it would have to be something I can personally recommend, and also be relevant to my channel. The main theme of my channel is Germany, its culture and history; in particular:

Although I also make some videos about the German language, this is not the focus of my channel.

What I can offer

The most likely form a sponsorship would take would be:

  1. a static, five-second display of your logo and mine, with voice-over (in compliance with YouTube’s own requirements)
  2. a product endorsement during the end credits
  3. links in the video description
  4. mentions on Twitter and Facebook posts

Exact details can be worked out on an individual basis, as long as we can balance your needs with the needs and expectations of the audience, YouTube’s terms of service and legal requirements.

My audience

Currently, a little over half of my audience is located inside Germany, and roughly two-thirds are under the age of 35. On average, my videos are currently receiving an average of around 8,000 views each in the first month.

What I get out of it

In order to move my channel forward, I need to increase both the scope and the quality of my videos. One of the biggest hinderances to this is time; a steadier and more substantial income would allow me to concentrate more on making videos. Additionally, there are specific things I would like to be able to invest in, including:

In summary

In order to help me make more attractive, professional and interesting videos, I am looking for sources of income, including sponsorship deals. If you have a product or service that I could recommend and which would be interesting to or useful for visitors to Germany or foreign residents of Germany, I would love to hear from you. Send mail to

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